Steve’s background gives him a great sense of pride and love for family, community and country. Working for Publix for 36 years, his experience includes extensive professional training in management, budgeting, leadership and mentorships.

Steve sees things creatively and had his own photography business for over 20 years. Through his experience as a small business owner and also working for a large corporation, Steve understands the infrastructure of the American business and its influence on economic growth and innovation across the city and beyond. He knows what it takes to accept challenges and solve problems.

Steve is deeply dedicated to the Lakeland community and is involved in a variety of clubs, boards, and organizations, including: SPCA (kitten fostering), Peace River Center, United Way, Lakeland Regional Health, March of Dimes and Salvation Army. He and his family are also active members of St. Joseph Catholic Church.

In his free time, Steve enjoys being with his family and participating in outdoor activities such as walking local trails, paddle boarding, going to the beach and boating. He also has a passion for photography and the arts.

As a candidate for the City Commission, Steve proudly pledges to build a better Lakeland. By remaining vigilant, he will uphold the integrity of his constituents to enact ordinances, resolutions, and policies that positively impact the city we can continue to be proud of.

fishing with family
Steve Frankenberger for Lakeland City Commission


A servant leader, Steve believes in treating people with dignity, integrity, and utmost respect. With a fresh perspective, he will be a city commissioner you can depend on to listen to you and be your voice. He will fight for your city, and what matters most to you

Endorsed By:

Together with Steve Frankenberger, you can Make Your Voice Heard
and Make a Difference For Your Community. Please vote on April 6th.

Fiscally Conservative

Believes in a balanced budget that works in the favor of all citizens.

Business Growth

Will work with local leaders to attract new business to the City of Lakeland.

Nature Preservation

Understands the dangers of environmental degradation and impact on our quality of life.

Arts & Culture

Believes the arts are a valuable asset to our community.


The beautiful City of Lakeland has an opportunity for invaluable growth. With this comes an obligation to make responsible decisions that allow for business and economic growth, residential prosperity, and environmental restoration. Steve’s experience includes extensive training in leadership, management and budgeting and he is well prepared to be the City Commissioner for the District “D” Southeast Seat.

Vote for Steve Frankenberger on April 6th and he will represent Lakelanders with their needs at the forefront of his vision.

Fiscally Conservative 

Steve believes in a balanced budget that works in the favor of all citizens. By researching Lakeland’s top expenditures and finding creative ways to leverage assets, he believes in creating more opportunities to increase the city’s revenue. Creating a culture of respect and consideration when it comes to tax rates, Steve will continue to foster an environment for keeping taxes manageable for the citizens of Lakeland. 

Business Growth

To attract new business to the City of Lakeland and support our existing businesses, Steve is well prepared to work with local leaders. By staying focused on win-win negotiations, Steve commits to finding solutions that benefit businesses, residents, and the environment. He also supports preserving local control of transportation funding, and will legislate for alternative means of transportation including trolleys, to increase tourism and profitability for our local businesses. 

Nature Preservation 

Steve believes all residents, no matter where they live, should have access to a clean environment. As City Commissioner, Steve will ensure areas in Lakeland that need beautification and infrastructure receive proper attention and action. Steve understands the dangers of environmental degradation and the impact it can have on our quality of life. It’s because of this that he has made a plea to preserve Lakeland’s natural resources, protect our lakes, and continue to find ways to reduce our environmental footprint. 

Arts & Culture 

Steve believes the arts are a valuable asset to our community. He sees things creatively and his background has provided him many tools to work cohesively with Lakeland’s outstanding art community. By featuring Lakeland’s local artists in a multitude of projects, we can continue to create captivating community spaces for our residents to enjoy, as well as take steps towards local regeneration for a better future of our community.